You can't trust a racing heart to keep tempo. That's why I created this resource to help you remember what you need to bring for the day and carefully craft an audition day schedule that reduces anxiety.

This is the same process I go through with my students to help them feel confident on the day of an audition.  And now I'm sharing it with you.

Here you go! 

Plan out your audition day and turn stress into confidence.

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🎡a 13-point audition-day packing checklist

... whether you're preparing for an orchestra or music school audition, know exactly what you need so you can focus on performing your best.


🎡 prompts to create your audition day schedule

... because there's nothing worse than arriving at an audition and feeling like you don't have enough time to warm up.

🎡 Music school audition planning pages

... to help ensure your repertoire choices work for multiple auditions and so you know what to ask when your prospective teacher.

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All major and minor scales

8 different suggested articulations

Alternate passages for the high and low registers.

Scales are the building blocks of melodies.  Improve your range and technique with scales that extend to the lowest and highest notes on the flute from low B to high C.  Perfect for intermediate and advanced flutists who are ready to elevate their playing.

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I'm a Twin Cities, MN flutist who's obsessed with the language of music and conquering obstacles on the flute.

Learning how to build a phrase, bring out important notes, and how to communicate musically changed my flute playing. It gave me stability when playing fast and better control of my nerves. It had such a profound impact on me that it’s the foundation of my teaching.

Everything I share with you, I do in my own daily practice. I’ve literally practiced what I teach. 

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Yes! Hand over the guide Now β†’

This is a workbook-style guide that walks you through planning your audition day schedule and includes a packing checklist and planning sheets for music school auditions. It's all yours to give you the confidence you desire in your next audition!

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*Downloading the freebie will subscribe you to my email list, You may unsubscribe at any time, though doing so means I cannot contact you regarding future events.