You deserve to have a musical toolkit that allows you to

You deserve to have a musical toolkit that allows you to

Learn the language of music and effective practice strategies so you can perform with confidence and effortless ease.

Personalized private flute lessons

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What if you had a flute teacher who taught you how to overcome your challenges on the flute?

You could finally have the confidence you desire when going to performances and auditions.

You'd understand all the dots, slurs, and accents in your music.  And, you'd have a beautiful singing sound in all the registers with a vibrato that reflects the music.

Because being frustrated and not knowing how to get better?  It's not fun.

Get the tools you need to become the flute player you know you can be: poised, with effortless technique, and able to tell a story with your playing.

It's time you finally have the tools you need to achieve your flute goals.

learn efficiently, communicate musically

Here's What
You'll get:


You’ll learn how to find the special notes in a passage, identify patterns, how to build a phrase from the foundation up, and a little bit of music theory. 


Leading up to the big day, we’ll transition into audition/performance prep mode including mock performances and recording analysis.


Even if you don’t plan to go to pursue a career in music, private lesson study helps you gain confidence, think critically, and problem solve.


At your first lesson, we’ll discuss your current goals and needs, and I’ll craft a plan for you. Throughout the year, we’ll check in those goals and revise as needed.


You may see me marching in place, dancing to your playing, buzzing, and teaching you how to be your own conductor.


I incorporate aspects of the Alexander Technique to help you reduce any unnecessary tension and play with ease because tension and flute playing don’t go hand-in-hand.

personalized private flute lessons






the 6 essential
lesson components:

How does this sound?





tone development

Let's get started

This is your voice on the flute. I’ll help you find a good centered sound and expand your range on the instrument without feeling strained. We’ll also work on developing your vibrato. 

You'll learn different exercises to develop your tongue and finger coordination. We’ll work on double and triple tonguing, too.

Scales are the building blocks of melodies. Every week you’ll perform a major and minor scale for me. Depending on your level, I may assign it to you, or I will choose one at random.

For advanced students, typically those with hourly lessons, I’ll assign you a weekly etude (short study piece) that you’ll perform for me. Etudes help you learn music faster and ensure you’re always practicing challenging keys.

These are actual pieces of music that you learn over an extended period of time. I work with you on choosing a piece that helps you achieve your goals. During audition and contest season, we’ll shift our focus so you are as prepared as possible.



Throughout your lesson, I’ll show you a variety of solutions for challenging passages as well as the different elements that make up the language of music.

Fill out the contact form and I'll reach out to you via phone or email for a discovery call to set up your first lesson.

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Start 30, 45, or 60 minute lessons catered to your goals and needs as a flutist.

Start Lessons

Learn new techniques in a fun and nurturing environment.  We'll revisit your goals periodically throughout the year.

Transform your playing

How it works

Since taking lessons with Mrs. Weisbrod, I've been able to play difficult pieces well. For example, while playing a faster section in a piece, I am able to smoothly move my fingers across the keys of the flute in the proper time and in a musical way. Mrs. Weisbrod helped me improve in my tone, technique, and form.

Since taking lessons with Mrs. Weisbrod, I've been able to play difficult pieces well. Mrs. Weisbrod helped me improve in my tone, technique, and form.

I’ll teach you effective practice techniques that shave time in the practice room and allow you to speak the language of music. Plus, you’ll finally have that confidence you’ve been pining for. Want to learn vibrato, double-tonguing, and how to create a gorgeous sound? That’s covered, too.

You could keep trying to get better on your own...
struggle to learn new articulations, have an uncontrolled vibrato, and not know how to practice effectively and efficiently.


You could study with me.

Take your flute playing to the next level.

you're in the right place.

Create an effortless and singing sound so you can soar into the high register with beautiful vibrato.

Learn the unwritten rules of music so you can create a musical dialogue.

Understand and use a variety of articulations (all those dots, slurs, and accents).

Develop problem-solving strategies for overcoming challenging passages.

Develop effortless technique so your tongue and fingers have better coordination.

Learn basic elements of music theory (the building blocks of music) so you can approach and learn new music quickly.

Private flute lessons will help you...


I'm a Twin Cities, MN flutist who's obsessed with the language of music and conquering obstacles on the flute.

Learning how to build a phrase, bring out important notes, and how to communicate musically changed my flute playing. It gave me stability when playing fast and better control of my nerves. It had such a profound impact on me that it’s the foundation of my teaching.

Everything I share with you, I do in my own daily practice. I’ve literally practiced what I teach. 

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My journey began in college when I was a struggling music major.

I rushed through fast passages, didn’t get the results I wanted in auditions, and had terrible pitch. Sound familiar?

My college teacher, my very first teacher, taught me the language of music.  It allowed me to go from 32nd chair my freshman year to playing in the top orchestra in 3 years.

You deserve to have a musical toolkit that allows you to thrive.

i can help because i've been there

I'm here to help you!

Personalized lessons

Learning methods

components of music as a language

performance preparation

Play with more confidence.

Develop effortless technique.

Understand all the dots slurs and accents in your music.

Have a beautiful, singing, and in tune sound in in the upper and lower registers.

Learn to play with a natural sounding vibrato that reflects the music.

Develop problem-solving strategies that you can use outside of flute playing.

If you want this to be the year that you *finally* commit to:

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Learn the language of music.

This      for you if:

You're ready to become a better flutist

You can't commit the time necessary for private lessons

You enjoy learning


you're committed to practicing and preparing for lesons

It's probably        for you if...

Don't want to improve your playing



Steal this!

Expressive Long Tones for Flutists 

Spice up your daily long tone routine with this mini tone book.  Develop your tone and expression using exercises inspired by Marcel Moyse's De la Sonorité.  Includes a variety of dynamics to choose from.


Lessons typically last 30, 45, or 60 minutes.
For beginning students, 30 minutes is recommended. As students advance in their playing, lesson length may increase depending on the students' goals. Most advanced high school students take 60 minute lessons. 


For your first lesson you'll need the following:
• A working flute
• List of current pieces/books/repertoire you've worked on
• A list of goals (what do you want to learn from flute lessons?)
• Pencil
• Journal for lesson notes


Due to the pandemic, all lessons are currently online. If you live in the Twin Cities area and are interested in in-person lessons, please contact me and we can coordinate online lessons that transition to in-person lessons.


I welcome students of all ages and abilities. My specialty is in junior high through high school advanced flutists.


My current lesson fee is $60/hour. 
Pricing is subject to change.


I use many online payment platforms and accept check or cash for in-person lessons. Please contact me for specific online platform compatibility.


I believe that all students deserve to learn the language of music. Please contact me to discuss options.

The Upper Midwest Flute Association offers lesson scholarships. Because I currently run the scholarship program, I cannot accept students who apply. However, I'd be happy to recommend a teacher for should you apply for an UMFA scholarship.


let's work together

Today's the day you take your flute playing to the next level.  Say goodbye to endless practicing without the results you want and hello to gorgeous tone and effortless technique.

what are you waiting for?

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